Vampire Bait

by Annie Nicholas

The bait. The backfire. The truth behind their enemy.
Vampire slayer, Connie Bence puts her life on the line for humanity. While she acts as the bait to lure vile vampires into a trap, the rest of the slayers take down the vicious creatures. But one slip of the plan turns the tables and Connie finds herself drugged and kidnapped by the mark she was trying to lure away.
Vampire Overlord, Rurik, makes a deal with his captive–unaware that she is his enemy. Connie must entertain his boss for the evening at a party, and Rurik will ensure her safety. When the slayers crash and slash the party, Rurik keeps his promise, saving Connie from harm. But the slayers are out for blood, and they want Rurik dead. Now, it’s up to Connie to save the one person that she’s supposed to kill. Can the bait find the heart to protect a vampire?

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