The Hail Mary Music Festival (A Second Chance for Fox Hill)

by Rory Allison

When Caitlyn returned to her hometown of Fox Hill, she knew it would take a touchdown to resurrect the sleepy, economically-drained town.

Alongside her best friend Reba, her boyfriend Kurt, and the quirky town residents, an implausible idea is hatched. They’ll throw an epic festival that will bring paying visitors from far and wide! Who cares that their nowhere-town has nothing to offer~ they’ve got a few hidden talents up their collective sleeves…hopefully.

With the bands scheduled and love in the air, everything seems to be on track!

Until some hinky mayhem starts to strike. All is suddenly not well in the cute & charming town of Fox Hill.

But why be nervous?

With a little juggling, it can’t be that hard to get to the bottom of the Music Festival mystery- all while still keeping the entire show on schedule, and the paying visitors happy…Can it?

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