The Brands Who Came for Christmas

by Maggie Shayne


An emotion-packed, small town Christmas romance with a miracle ending you’ll never forget.

Maya is single and pregnant after a one-night-stand with a handsome drifter. She has the support of her huge, close-knit family, though, and she can raise a baby on her own. After all, her father was never around, and her mother raised five daughters who turned out just fine.

Caleb met Maya on a night when he was running away from the expectations of his powerful, wealthy family, and then had to rush back when his father fell ill. But he hasn’t been able to forget her or their night together.

Seeing a photo of her, full on pregnant, and prettier than ever, he knows his destiny lies in Big Falls, Oklahoma. But convincing her to trust him again won’t be easy.

When a freak storm strands Maya, in labor and in trouble, Caleb’s heroic efforts to get to her in time result in a Christmas Eve miracle, a set of newborn holiday twins, and a heartwarming love story for the ages.

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