A Bright Shore

by S.M. Anderson

A military Sci-Fi political thriller set a short decade from now. In 2031, holding to the concept of Individual Liberty can get you killed. What was once the western world’s guiding light of Liberty is quickly being replaced by state sponsored serfdom under the guise of a global economic re-set done in the name ‘the workers.’ The men and women of the Program aren’t perfect and they’ve lost the political fight vs. government power on the left and vs. corporate statism on the right. They can’t win, not on this world. So, they’re leaving… but new destinations rarely mirror the guide book. The thing about a new empty world is that they may not be the only ones willing to fight for it. Kyle Lassiter has seen the worst the world can offer from behind a gun for the last fifteen years, in an unending global conflict that his own government has no intention of winning. Ignoring a fed. subpoena that would see him a serf, he attends a last ditch interview which leads to a job he can’t refuse.

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