God’s Ground

by John Brophy

This is a realistic science fiction adventure set at the beginning of the space tourism boom.

In a desperate move to flee from her violent husband, twenty-year-old Tesla Miller kidnaps her infant son and takes him with her to Sky City. Located six hundred miles above the surface of the Earth, the Sky City Resort and Casino is the newest and largest resort in the fledgling space tourism industry. It provides tourists access to the one thing, the only thing, you can’t get on Earth—the absence of gravity.

Finding it surprisingly easy to adapt to weightlessness, Tesla grows to love living without gravity. Her life, however, is complicated by the job she took in desperation to escape her husband, her introduction to the architect of the Sky City resort, and her growing awareness that by raising her son in weightlessness she may have condemned him to a life in space. Eventually she discovers two facts about life in zero gravity that change the course of history—discoveries that put her life and the lives of everyone she cares about in danger.

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