by Joshua Landeros

Reverence takes place in the year 2065. The dominant superpower is the United Nation Republic which has conquered much of the world. At the head of this monstrous empire is Chancellor Venloran. His most powerful weapon is his army of dreaded and god-like super soldiers who have protected the country for decades. Will Marconi is one of the best and has remained unchallenged in his service. All of this changes when a new threat attacks the UNR from within. Terrorists have made it their mission to bring down the government at any cost. Side by side with his best friend and partner Luis, Will sets out on a crusade to put an end to the conflict. While on a covert mission, Will becomes a prisoner of war. What should’ve been the end is in fact only the beginning.
The man behind the terrorists finally reveals himself as Dr. Robert Neeson. The man claims he helped build the UNR and is the true creator of the super soldier project. Neeson barters for Will’s help in exchange for information regarding something the soldier had long forgotten: his family. At the same time Luis discovers the hard truth behind his own past. Will’s path is lost, unsure how far to take the mission of finding his family. Help comes to him from Gabriella, Neeson’s own daughter. It is through her that he is hit with the earth-shattering truth: he indeed did have a family, but they had served alongside his enemies and were caught. In the end they were executed.
Full of despair and rage Will launches an all-out assault on the Chancellor. Luis, now in charge of the UNR’s defense, meets his friend on the battlefield. The two forces collide in a clash that results in deaths on both sides. Dr. Neeson is lost in the bloodshed and Will is forced to put down his own partner. The man behind it all, Chancellor Venloran, manages to escape. Will and Gabriella must team up to bring end to the war they have started. Underneath all the loss there is one glimmer of hope: Will’s son is alive. Whose side he’s on, however, Will does not know.
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