Zombie Chaos Book 1: Escape from the Big Easy

by Laura Martone and Daniel Martone

Heʼs out of shape… sort of misanthropic… and heʼs carrying his cat. Rick Grimes he ainʼt. —
What would you do if you received a three-week warning of the coming zombie apocalypse? How would you prepare? What if the warning was wrong – and the undead rose a full week before you were ready?
Youʼd be screwed, just like me.
I may be luckier than most, but Iʼm still in a jam. After weeks of prepping, Iʼve gotten caught in the same zombie storm as everyone else. To accomplish my plans and stay alive, I have to rescue my wife, Clare, and travel 1,300 miles through Americaʼs zombie-infested countryside to the safety of northern Michigan.
But, first, I have to battle my way out of New Orleans. With our cat, Azazel, in tow – and sheʼs one pissed-off kitty. —
“If Bruce Campbell narrated The Walking Dead in the first person, it would read a lot like Zombie Chaos….” – Amazon customer review

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