At the End of the Storm

by Marleen Pasch

If Daria Demarest didn’t have ice water in her veins, like her coalminer father taught her, life would look grim. She’s lost her glam TV job. She’s divorcing philandering Ted. And her teen daughter, Lizzy, announces she’s pregnant. But Daria’s a survivor. She produces and stars in a new show called Awakenings, designed to fill a void her research uncovers: the need women feel for spiritual connection. Daria gave up spiritual aspirations during her teens, when she became pregnant and society and family judged her. But as she walks through Lizzy’s pregnancy, Daria finally faces the shame and regret she never allowed herself to feel. Is she ready to meet the daughter she surrendered in the freewheeling ’60s? Is she ready for the man who loved her back then when she couldn’t love herself? She won’t know until she walks through whatever storms ensue, relying both on the inner guidance she fosters in her devoted audience, and on newfound relationships with family and friends.

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