Finding My Reason

by Claudia Burgoa

HudsonWith no single females among the bridal party, I expect my best buddy’s wedding to be a bust. Then the beautiful bartender asks me if I could use something stiff.

Trust me, “getting something stiff” is the least of my worries. One touch of Jade’s silky-soft hand, and there’s a zing, just like in the movies. Somehow, I find the magic words that make her mine for the night.

And, just like that, I have the whole world in the palms of my hands. Figures that right when I meet the girl of my dreams, karma drops the other shoe.


Everything about Hudson—his pale green eyes, his charisma, his body—pulls me toward him. He’s different from the other men I’ve dated. One touch sends heat racing under my skin. And before the night is over, he sends my body up in flames that last well past dawn.

This one-night stand has second date written all over it. Except tomorrow I’m boarding a plane to study abroad. For three years. A fantasy-come-true infatuation like ours can’t last that long.

Can it?

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