Shades of Love



Six short stories explore how love can heal, can hurt, can calm and comfort, or can twirl you around and set you dancing.

If you’ve ever longed for romance, walked away from a troubled relationship, struggled with a parent or child, or laughed about a date gone wrong, you’ll identify with these stories.

Here’s a preview of each story:

Story 1: Longing for Love
It’s February. Valentine’s month. Time for cupid and chocolate. But will Julia Armstrong ever find a love of her own?

Story 2: Something Special
A bridal shower confrontation between shy Brenda and her domineering mother, Adele, reveals how complicated love can be.

Story 3: Hilda’s Secret
After thirty years of marriage, both full and empty, Hilda makes a decision that will change everything.

Story 4: The Door
Julie Stevens decides to visit her father but when she reaches his apartment door, she’s not sure if she should knock or just walk in.

Story 5: Worst First
Miserable first dates are not the exclusive province of the young. My worst first took place when I was well into competent, confident middle age. And it took place in one of the most beautiful, romantic cities in America.

Story 6: Love’s Echo
Pete Bishop’s kids are college-bound. His wife just landed her first job. Is his precious family shattering or can his love hold them all together even as they pursue divergent paths?

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