The Taste of Air

by Gail Cleare

USA Today Bestseller, Readers’ Favorite Book Award and Kindle Book Review Award winner.

Mary Reilly’s had a secret lakeside cottage in Vermont for forty years. Why did she never tell her daughters? Nell and Bridget stumble across their mother’s hideaway when she turns up in a hospital, far from home. She has another home and a set of complex relationships with people her daughters have never met, and a trail of clues leads back to the 1960’s, when Mary was an Army nurse in Vietnam. Her cottage is a vault of family secrets never suspected, and the gateway to change for all three women.

“In The Taste of Air, Cleare deftly explores the consequence of our choices, even those made with the best of intentions. A family saga bridging decades and filled with shocking revelations, hope and love, you won’t be able put this book down.” ~Kate Moretti, NYTimes Bestselling Author

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