Curse-Maker: The Tale of Gwiddon Crow

by Alydia Rackham

Gwiddon Crow is a young, vicious Curse-Maker who haunts the Winterly Wood of Albain, free from all laws, unchained from the suffering of her past. Her master, Gwiddon Baba Yaga, calls upon Crow to cast a curse upon the tiny kingdom of Astrum, and destroy the great seal which protects it from Baba Yaga’s ally, Mordred the Draid. But the curse goes terribly wrong.
Now, Crow is trapped in Astrum, alone with its resentful, blind prince–and the unbroken Seal is slowly draining her life. She must find a way to free herself from her own spell…
But the only way to do that may lie with the prince whose kingdom she has destroyed.
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