Montrose Paranormal Academy, Book 1: The Nexis Secret

by Barbara Hartzler

Three power-hungry secret societies desperately want the crazy girl who sees angels. For what? Beats me. Hi, I’m Lucy and I just discovered I’m not normal.
After my brother’s disappearance, I enrolled in the super-elite academy where he was last seen on U.S. soil. Now two totally gorgeous secret society guys are fighting over which club I get to join. Seriously? As if I want anything to do with the people who banished my brother.
But I need to play nice to get anyone from the Three Societies to talk to me. One problem. I’m too good at my job. When the Nexis Society president accidentally spills a little-known family secret, I’m left scrambling to figure out who I really am.
I’ve always known my family was special, but now I’m about to find out why.

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