Game Hunter

by Mark Kloss

Zombies within the dystopian City of London are an endangered species. Ironically, the only thing keeping them from extermination is the live TV show ‘Game Hunter,’ where players pay to kill zombies. The zombies left are no longer dangerous enough to thrill and viewer ratings are dropping, unless something changes the show will be scrapped.

The zombie elders have convinced teenage half-zombies, the unusual Tremayne and the sassy Red, to play against ferocious zombie hunters in a series of three apocalyptic rounds of Game Hunter. The purpose? To kill or be killed. The show will be feverishly followed by a bloodthirsty audience, the outcome will determine either total annihilation or a fresh new beginning for the zombies.

Yet with the fate of all their zombie cousins at stake, a missing beloved sister to save, a budding romance, plus conspiracy and betrayal around every dark corner, just staying alive until the first round begins, is a deadly struggle in itself.

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