Boys that Bite: A Blood Coven Vampire Novel (The Blood Coven Vampires Book 1)

by Mari Mancusi


Two sisters–as different as the sun and the rain. For one, getting into the Blood Coven is to die for. But for the other, getting out could be lethal.

Sunny MacDonald doesn’t know what to expect when she’s dragged to Club Fang by her twin sister Rayne. But the the devastatingly handsome vampire Magnus mistakes her for her goth-loving twin and bites her on the neck, she realizes his fangs are all too real…and all too deadly.

Now Sunny and Magnus find themselves in a race against time to find a way to reverse the bite before Sunny becomes a vampire forever. Something she definitely doesn’t want–even if does mean spending eternity with a certain boy who bites…

“If you liked Buffy and Angel, you will love this.” — Eternal Night

“Delightful Surprising, and engaging. You’ll get bitten and love it!” — Rachel Caine, NYT Bestselling author of the Morganville Vampire series.

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