The 4 Facets of Grief: Heal Your Heart, Rebuild Your World, and Find New Pathways to Joy

by Ruth E.

Are you wondering how to go on after someone you love has died?
Do you wish you felt confident about grieving and knew healthy ways to do it?
Are you longing for healing, peace, and a new sense of order in your world?This practical guide provides training in grief resilience, which is actually a skill set that can be learned, practiced, and incorporated into your life.Written by a licensed clinical social worker who is also a bereaved mother, the book presents a unique system that combines insights from both her professional background and personal experience. This approach builds grief resilience and transforms the reader from heartache to healing, wellness, and growth.

Losing someone you love can be a devastating experience. It is often excruciatingly painful and hard to wrap your mind around. Trying to take in this new reality and then figuring out how to move forward can leave you overwhelmed, shattered, heartbroken, and frightened. And because it feels impossible to accept the unacceptable, we learn by osmosis to put misery on the back burner and pretend we’re mostly okay.

But we’re not okay; this is not business as usual. We’re left with that burning question:

“How do I go on?”

The 4 Facets of Grief is a fresh approach to navigating loss, incorporating the most current thinking on resilience and growth.


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