Help for Women with ADHD: My Simple Strategies for Conquering Chaos

by Joan Wilder

This short book, written by a journalist, is filled with stories about how it feels to have ADHD and what you can do to make things better. Woven into the anecdotes of frustration and chaos are various tried and true tools, strategies, and supports (printed in bold text) that have helped her – and thousands more — tackle a handful of classic ADHD challenges. Each chapter covers a different issue, and the clickable Table of Contents makes it easy to fly to the parts of the book that interest you the most. The book is helpful for women who are too overwhelmed to read a big book and those who need to know about the gifts of having ADHD — not just the difficulties. And, since even those without ADHD encounter its classic symptoms to a greater or lesser degree depending on their stress levels, the book is good for anyone who feels overwhelmed, indecisive, impulsive, or foggy-headed!

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