by George Alexandru

“How to REBUILD YOURSELF” was born out of my personal experience with prolonged illness and disability, which left me unable to function for years. I wanted to write the book that if I had read it a long time ago, I would not have gotten sick. I think we are responsible for whatever needs healing in our lives, and it takes great courage to face ourselves.
– Break up your habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Learn how to modulate your inner state and behavior.
– Stop automatic conditioned responses without being overwhelmed or frightened by them. Learn how to control your physical and mental processes and states.
– Change your brain structure and function. Train your brain to do the things that matter most.
– The way you can get out of your pain is to go into it. Never let your pain alone. Learn how to alter the pain mechanisms.
– Discover what is behind your physical pain and mental suffering. Find out how to experience healing and happiness.

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