Strength at the Broken Places

by C. Greg Long

What do you do when life breaks you? Failure is an equal opportunity troubler; no one is exempt. Positive thinking and trying harder will not keep the despoilers from your door; reality catches up, and failure is harsh in a world of winners. So, if you have failed miserably, and wonder if there is a future, you picked the right book. Throughout my life, I’ve learned to face failure and find hope, purpose, and peace. This book can guide you on your path to do the same. So, if you are in a crisis, stop worrying and start reading. Strength at the Broken Places will take you on a journey to discover:
• How true change occurs
• How failure does not define us
• How authentic identity is not determined by what you do or to whom you are related
• How success comes from intention rather than effort
• How to answer the four critical questions that every person must answer

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