Queen Witch

by J.R. Pearse Nelson


Stubborn and suspicious are two qualities that don’t go over well in the Queen family… I should know. My elders curse my independent streak. But I can’t just sit back and let the Lady we serve make a weapon out of me. I can’t see my twin hardened into a villain, either. The Lady thinks she’s making the rules. I guess I’m not much of a follower. Where does my story truly begin? Maybe with the birth of twins to a soon-dead witch. Or possibly with the name bestowed on me by the Lady, the immortal we serve. She called me Sage, and my sister Wren. The Foulweather twins. As I choose to see it, my story begins when I first participated in the course of my life. When I started making my own decisions, despite everything I’d been taught. Forced recluse with a secret life? That’s me.

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