Fly Away Home

by Dave Cenker


Is running away from your troubles the best path to a fresh start?
Claire Perkins struggles with her past, even as a thirty-eight-year-old woman. While attending her abusive mother’s funeral in the town where she grew up, Claire discovers a deeper emotional scar that challenges her definition of home. No longer willing to put on a façade, buried pain triggers Claire’s only logical choice: escape to a quiet place, somewhere far away from the risk of any further disappointment and heartache.
Pigeon Grove appears to be a sleepy southern locale in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But there’s a unique and underlying charm to this small town that has other plans for those looking to slip into the silence of a solitary life. The close-knit community guides Claire along a different path, one that encourages her deep-seated need to connect with others. Can this small mountain town help Claire connect the dots to create a life she’s always imagined?
It’s never too late to come home.


by Andrea M. Long


A SLOW BURN SUSPENSE THAT WILL MAKE YOU LOOK AT THOSE AROUND YOU. Lauren is bored with her ‘perfect’ life until suddenly someone tries to take everything away from her. But who?

The Evergreen Bride

by Pam Hillman

Mississippian Annabelle Denson dreams of visiting cousins in Illinois and seeing a white Christmas. In the face of her excitement, Samuel Frazier hides his growing affection for her behind a quiet smile and a carpenter’s lathe. As her departure draws near, Samuel starts to worry that if she goes, Annabelle won’t return. Can he convince her to return to the Mississippi Piney Woods — and to him?

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Dark Desire

by Summer Cooper


Tall, dark and dangerous. That’s what Emily wants for her birthday this year. She wants to live out her deepest, darkest desires. Now she just needs the perfect man who knows how to please her.


A creation and tool of war, orders to kill were all Eira ever knew. When a fateful mistake throws her in the path of a mysterious shapeshifting dragon, she takes an offer too hard to refuse—fight back and seize the freedom she long craves. But the darkness of her past runs deep, and the walls she created to protect herself may not be able to continue to save her… or her heart.

Panama Mayberry

by Tim Holcombe


Mayberry Days, a celebration of a classic television show, is a lively annual festival in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Panama arrives in town, ready for a week of frivolity and adventure. His plans take an unexpected turn when his path is crossed with a local resident, a spinster who claims to be a star from the golden age of Hollywood.

While Panama deals with her over-the-top antics, he is unaware a grave danger is lurking. A fugitive from Alaska has set his sights on Panama, with plans to take from him all he has. Panama becomes his prisoner, trapped, and held against his will, with no apparent way of escape.

The predator captures his prey, and all of his assets. But the stalker is unaware he, too, is being stalked. A cat and mouse game of life and death soon ensues for Panama, the fugitive, and others who are seeking them both. It will take every skill Panama possesses, to free himself from his chains and live to see his captor brought to justice.

The Munich Girl

by Phyllis Edgerly Ring


Anna Dahlberg grew up eating dinner under her father’s war-trophy portrait of Eva Braun. Fifty years after WW2, she discovers what he never did—that her mother and Hitler’s wife were friends. Plunged into the dangerous years of Nazi Germany, she uncovers a web of long-buried family secrets. “Hard to put down. … Harder to forget.” Ink Drop Reviews.


Welcome to The Hotel Wavily where the guests are wicked, the owners are witches, and the service is to die for. Join Evian, Granny, Rita, and Squeaks (Evian’s batty familiar) on their adventures in and around Tea Town, Kenya as they discover bodies, fumble spells, plan weddings, clear the innocent, (and mostly) learn how to drive. If you enjoy exotic locations, eccentric characters, and bewitching stories, then download Wavily Witches: The Complete Series to start your spellbinding African holiday today!


by Carolyn V. Hamilton

“A wonderful, entertaining, hilarious at times thriller.”

Maxwell Beacham-Jones, the world’s most famous magician, has reached the zenith of his success. Now he’s planned the most daring, outrageous trick of his career.

But when Maxwell dies in a Las Vegas roller coaster escape stunt before a national television audience, it’s no accident. He was hated by his contemporaries, and all of the suspects are magicians—with plenty of secret motives for murder.

MAGICIDE introduces Las Vegas Metro Police detective and single mom, Cheri Raymer, and her vegetarian partner, Tony Pizzarelli. Together they follow a trail through the world of magic and show business that leads to intrigue and shocking revelations.

Raymer will face the most devastating personal threat in her career when her teen-aged son, fascinated by magic, becomes the protégé of a suspected killer.

If you’re a fan of magic, mystery and Las Vegas, this is the book for you!

The Maltese Attack

by Jay Perin


It’s 1973. Oil wars, terrorist attacks, Watergate… Senator Temple has his hands full, maneuvering political turmoil at home and the powder keg that is the Middle East. His mistake allows a criminal businessman to seize control of the world’s energy sector. Powerful oil dynasties—the Kingsleys, the Sheppards, and the Barronses—could help Temple fix things, but greed and old grudges threaten the alliance.

Three families, their fates interlinked. A politician with secrets. An enemy to fear. From high-society New York to dusty Middle Eastern villages, from broken romances to bitter conspiracies, they battle their way through the glitter and grit of the ’seventies and ’eighties. One wrong move from any of them, a single error, will echo across decades and change history.

The Maltese Attack starts a gripping political saga, a tale of powerful men and women who fight ruthlessly, hate virulently, and love unwisely.


Taming dragons is a death wish—but that won’t stop her. When Ava Frostborn finds herself stranded in an inhospitable frozen wilderness, her only hope lies in bonding with the dangerous dragons that rule the icy skies.


by Sophie Brooks


Ford’s gone from playboy to responsible CEO. Since inheriting his father’s billion-dollar corporation, he has everything to prove. He also has a secret. Her name is Autumn, and her voice is perfect. Sometimes sweet and innocent, sometimes sultry and seductive, but always exactly right. Autumn’s fantasy hotline job helps pay the bills–and with a sister to raise, she has lots of those. So the shy 23-year-old plays the roles the callers want. Except with Ford. He wants the real Autumn. And she can’t help wishing he were more than a voice in the night. When Autumn’s in danger and Ford rushes to her rescue, their unlikely connection becomes a Cinderella story. But Autumn has a secret, too… one that might destroy their fairy-tale romance.

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Fourteen years ago on a parallel Earth, a mysterious alien species turned most of the planet into uninhabitable Ruins where the rules of nature were drastically altered and caused almost everyone to disappear.

In the aftermath of The Event, two groups survived: one formed a new society in one of the few untouched areas, and the other hid underground, to wait for the world to recover.

But now those who hid have returned to the surface, seeking the girl who could be the world’s savior — or its destruction.


It’s the summer of 1953. Calvin Jefferson Coolidge is thirteen years old when the ghost of Joseph Stalin appears to him in his Aunt Evelyn’s cluttered Cleveland attic and wants to dictate his memoirs to him.
“I want to tell my side of the story,” Uncle Joe tells him. “They’re giving me one year to set the record straight, so we need to get started right away.”
Calvin’s life is falling apart at the seams. He’s a misfit and loner whose only friends are famous dead people. He loves polka music and Westerns and sometimes wonders what it would be like to kiss a girl. His con man father is in Florida looking for his bipolar runaway mother. His cousin Buck is abducted and experimented on by aliens. The lady next door wants to coach him in the ways of love. His pastor thinks he’s headed straight for Hell. His English teacher thinks he’s a savant. The school psychologist wants to have him committed. His shrink thinks he’s just plain nuts. Sometimes, Calvin believes it too.
Everybody’s trying to figure out what makes Calvin tick in this quirky, fast-paced metaphysical romp through the heart and soul of 1950’s America.

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They Stay

by Claire Fraise


Nothing is as important to sixteen-year-old Shiloh Oleson as her little brother Max. So when the six-year-old goes missing without a trace, a heartbroken Shiloh refuses to believe nothing can be done and sets out to find him.

When one of Shiloh’s classmates says she knows where Max is, Shiloh hesitates to believe her. Francesca is creepy. She says she can see ghosts, but everyone knows ghosts aren’t real … right?

But Francesca says that Max is going to be murdered.

And a ghost told her where he is.

As the line between the dead and living begins to blur, Shiloh starts to think Francesca might not be as crazy as she believed. One thing is becoming clear. Someone has gruesome plans for Max, and Shiloh must confront her worst nightmares to find him before it’s too late.

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Hoping, Healing, & Whole-ish

by Mariah Miller


If you are helpless to heal those you love most, tired of hoping for restoration, or so far from whole you’ve adopted a different identity, this book will be a little glue for your broken pieces. Learn from broken people in scripture who are being beautifully restored. Reflect on your own broken pieces with thoughtful questions and prompts. Pray through that broken place you’re afraid will never heal. And let God will lovingly put you back together and work miracles you could never have imagined.

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Fall for Me

by Claudia Burgoa


He has it together.
I’m falling apart.

I came to the City with the dream to make it on Broadway.

But instead of hitting it big, I couldn’t be at a bigger dead-end if I tried. I’m a receptionist at my little sister’s company and living with my grandfather. If it wasn’t for my family, I’d be destitute.

When Hunter Everhart walks into my office.

Helio Tropez

by CM Rieger

A woman living a sheltered life in Seattle, discovers she is a descendant of an advanced race of genetic engineers, living in Inner Earth. Once she turns 30 her powers will activate, making her a target of SIM, a hidden AI that’s enslaving humanity. Her dying father must time travel to bring her to his subterranean city of origin, Helio Tropez, because she has the power to help save humanity from extinction.

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The Great Escape

by Lori R Taylor

Eliza Jacobson has always been the black sheep of her mega-successful family, who runs the HealthNut Corporation. She’s not as pretty, talented, and business-savvy as her older sister. But she loves volunteering to work with the dogs at Pretty Paws, especially Athena, a Great Dane whose high-anxiety habits make her nearly unadoptable.

After her last-chance opportunity to become a vet tech collapses, she takes a job at the call center of HealthNut’s competitor, Thetalife Supplements, where she meets the dashing, charming, sweep-you-off-your-feet CEO, Tony Costos. She thinks she may have finally found her Prince Charming and the fairytale life she’s always dreamed of.

At first, Tony showers her with compliments and gifts. But when he adopts Athena to use as the Thetalife mascot, Eliza finds herself shielding the dog from Tony’s temper, and the Great Dane’s increasingly anxious behavior mirrors Eliza’s own growing unease.

Will Athena’s friendship give Eliza the courage to stand up to Tony before his dark ambitions destroy everyone she loves?

The Great Escape is the fourth book in the Soul Mutts series, heartwarming stories of lost dogs finding new homes with the humans they were born to heal.

New Release!

Balchik Secret

by Silvi Stamen


Silviya is a beautiful university student. She is frivolous, adventurous and hungry for new experiences. Her distant relationship seems a boring one, so she decides to take a trip to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Mr.Big is a rich, hunky construction boss with business affairs all over the country and Europe. He is a womaniser, but does not realise that he will beg for a woman like her…

Once things start to happen, they both visit beautiful places, leading them into a web of secrets, passions, romance and hidden pleasures….

Balchik Secret is astounding, a story that evokes such powerful emotions, and the author has taken us back and forth in the timeline like somewhere in 1922 and sometimes in the present era.

This passionate debut novel by the author Silvi Stamen tells us a story of three strong female characters’ attempts to protect the love of their lives; a realistic novel about ordinary people that will stay with the reader for a long time.

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