Golden Curse

by M. Lynn


A warrior with nothing left to lose. A prince trying to hold his kingdom together.

As a child, Etta ran from the palace for her life. Now, she must find a way back in.

The kingdom of Gaule is a dangerous place for those with magic. To be found is a death sentence, forcing magic wielders into the forests to hide from the crown.

Etta Basile has spent years among the trees, training for the day she’ll take up the curse of her ancestors, a curse tying her life to that of her greatest enemy, the Prince of Gaule.

Prince Alexandre was once a childhood friend, but now, Etta must keep her identity a secret as she enters a tournament to become his champion.

Her goals are simple.

Protect the prince. Break the curse. Kill the prince.

What her training never prepared her for? Falling in love.

But love is for the weak, and Etta can’t forget the reason she’s there.

Her people are counting on her.

True Cover

by Ruth Kyser

In a matter of 24 hours, Sarah Masters lost everything that was important to her – her job, her friends, her house. Now a madman is hunting her down to kill her, and the only ones stopping him are the FBI Agents who have pledged to protect her. But in the process of protecting her, these FBI Agents touch Sarah’s life in a way she never expected as they cause her to question her relationship with God and His plan for her future.
Sam Morgan is the FBI Agent tasked with the job of keeping Sarah safe. He and his team fight to keep Sarah alive – and in the process, all of their lives are changed in ways they never expected.

Inker and Crown

by Megan O'Russell


Ilbrea: A magnificent country that offers fame to those brave enough to seize their place among the Guilds—no one has worked harder to find their scrap of glory than Adrial Ayres. But being a prodigy and the Lord Scribe’s heir won’t be enough to find the secrets the Guilds would kill to hide.


In Amsterdam, a 60-year-old mystery is revived when museum researcher Zelda Richardson uncovers the story of an anthropologist who vanished in New Guinea. And a mysterious killer will stop at nothing to keep her from the truth… This riveting, dual-timeline thriller set in Papua and the Netherlands is also available as paperback, audiobook, and in the Kindle Unlimited library.

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Her bakery is going to the dogs!

Abused and abandoned by her former owners, the unadoptable boxer, Baker, finds a safe haven at Pretty Paws, the only no-kill shelter in town. But when she’s scared, she can’t help defending herself, even from the people who want to help her.

Dumped by her cheating fiancé and mourning the loss of her mother to cancer, Maeve dreams of opening a bakery. But the only way she can afford that is to win a baking contest. Too bad her high school nemesis has entered too, and is using her rich daddy’s money to stack the deck against Maeve.

When Maeve stops by Pretty Paws, Baker chooses the best batch of pastries with her super sensitive nose. It’s not exactly love at first site, but when Maeve learns that time is almost up on Baker’s stay at the shelter, she agrees to take her home for a couple of weeks, to reset the clock.

Can Maeve and Baker learn to trust each other, or will life find a way to crush their hopes for a fresh start?

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What would you do if your eccentric and possibly magical aunt invited you to learn to “live the world”? Would you accept even if you had no idea what she meant? Twelve-year-old Zelia said, “Yes!” And the magic began. When twelve-year-old Zelia sees her aunt dancing up the road in her kaleidoscopic dress, Zelia realizes she’s in for an adventure. Abandoning everything she thought she knew about herself and the “real world” as she claims a new name, Zemma, and dives into a magical book embarking on a dual path to discover her powers. Encountering mythical creatures, talking animals and trees, she follows Aunt Joy to mysterious places a master wizard would envy: a belt of transmogrifying keys to distant lands, a magic wand farm on a star, and a waterfall portal to another dimension. As she discovers unexpected talents, she sees disturbing traces of a dark force determined to destroy creativity and joins a joyful, wise-cracking band of light warriors determined to save the world.

Witch Way To Go

by Vered Ehsani

Ready for a killer road trip?

Evian Wavily will do just about anything to escape her predictable life and domineering grandmother — even sign up for a cross-country scavenger hunt. She’s expecting action, adventure, and possibly a sunburn. She didn’t agree to the ghost in her hotel room, or her best friend Rita sneaking into the race. But all’s forgiven — if not forgotten — they race across Kenya.

The plan is simple. Too bad nothing else is. Evian and Rita are plagued with luck that redefines bad. Flat tires and a faulty GPS are only the beginning in a race that includes pirates, poachers, explosive secrets, and a ticking clock. What could possibly go wrong?

Pretty much everything.

Pixie’s Gift

by Raven Wolfe

Love is a beautiful thing; the air that keeps us going and the brightness of our day. Love has depth, and when that level of depth mixes with loss, you see some of the most unexpected things manifesting. Pixie’s gift highlights the story of two individuals who are coming to terms with the loss of people whom they thought they couldn’t live without. Life becomes unbearable, and all hope seems to be lost. The day gets darker, and living becomes more of a complication. All hope is lost, or is it?

Adam and Sarah, strangers until now, in the depth of their loss and with the need for closure, find they need to visit the local bridge in their small charming village for different reasons so they could move on with life. Would this adventure to the local bridge yield the right results? Can they put the ghosts of their pasts to bed, or would they need the help of a friendly ghost?

We capture the essence and beauty of love in this book, and even in the event of loss, we see that love never dies.

Ink Witch

by Lindsey Sparks


The gods are gone. Her brother is missing. One retired assassin must confront her past to save his future… THE KAT DUBOIS CHRONICLES is a kick-ass tough-girl urban fantasy series set in Seattle, WA. If you like intense action, gritty characters, unconventional magic, and Egyptian mythology, then you’ll love this unique, fast-paced adventure.

Trial by Sorcery

by Richard Fierce


In order to become a dragon rider like his father, young Eldwin must pass a series of three deadly tests. He’s determined to rise to the challenge and achieve his dream — and even his maimed arm won’t deter him.

Fallen Star

by Richard Turner

A sudden and brutal attack on a coalition training camp in Iraq wipes out all but two survivors: Captain David Grant and Australian SAS Sergeant James Maclean. Drawn into a clandestine world that deals with unusual encounters the two soldiers volunteer to help with the investigation into an alleged UFO crash in Alaska. The mission, however, is far from simple as it soon becomes apparent that something dangerous is going on and not everyone is as they appear to be.

Arleth, a 17 year old slave in a backwater world, has no idea her life is about to be turned upside down. She is too busy trying to avoid the abuse from her owner Bella. But when the legendary king of Oherra comes to Tocarra, Arleth soon finds herself being chased by assassins, sought out by spies and smack dab in the middle of a decades long war. It soon becomes clear to Arleth that powerful forces are at play. Not everyone is who they seem, even those she wants to trust the most. Haunted by an ancient magic, Arleth must decide who she can trust and fast. The wrong choice would cost her the ultimate price – a fate worse than death – to end up as an enchantment. A hollowed out shell of a person; devoid of thought, consciousness and feeling.
That’s if the birthright she’s completely unaware of doesn’t kill her first.

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Dead Zero

by Sean Platt

Taking Grandpa to the mall wasn’t supposed to be a life or death (and after death) situation.

If Thom Sheldon could avoid visiting his old man without getting guilt-tripped by his wife or hounded by his own conscience, he would. But his wife and son are along for the ride, so there is no getting out of taking Rick to the mall.

No one could have guessed that the zombie apocalypse would start near the food court. Except for Rick. This is how the apocalypse starts …


The Oxes are back with another adventure in moral land! In this rhyme along story, Hazel and her younger brother, Zee, are getting ready for game night when Hazel notices Zee has drawn on their Mommy’s wall!

After cleaning it off and telling him to never do that again, both Hazel and her mother are confused by what appears to be a child who refuses to listen.

This is a cute relatable story teaching kids how to follow directions, yet a bigger lessons for grown ups on how to give them!


by Jan Mau Hill


Get expelled ✓
Adventure turns deadly ✓
Start a romance with a dangerous Mage ✓

Who says you can’t have it all?

I’m Samara Yancy, “Sam” to my friends. For seventeen years I’ve lived on The Rock. A city-state in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by mountains and evergreen trees. The land is lush, the air clean, and dampening fields keep the locals safe from Magic and the Mages who wield it.

Not long ago, I was at the top of my class at the Guardian Academy. After one teeny tiny misstep got me booted from out of there, I hoped a well-paying job on the Mainland would set me up for success.

But I didn’t realize that my new adventure would cause the authorities to label me a potential terrorist. Now, I’m up to my neck in eccentric Mages, including one who views me as his nemesis.

My only choice is to clear my name while trying to keep my ever growing circle of family and friends safe. I’ll just avoid danger while eluding the maniacal Mage who wants me dead.

Piece of Cake

Tybee Holiday Homecoming

by Laura Brighton

Can any family live up to a Hallmark Christmas movie? Julep Tucker is determined to try! Widow Julep Tucker relocates to Tybee Island to regroup. Last Christmas was miserable, but with their mother’s help, the Tucker family could be headed for the merriest Christmas ever. Or will life get in the way?

From Misfit Cop to Bad-Ass Bounty Hunter…
Officer Katherine Carter never quite fit into the Chicago Police Department. Her unusual talents attract attention—both good and bad. Now they’ve caused a media frenzy and ended her career as a cop. But her unique abilities haven’t gone unnoticed. She’s quickly recruited to join a Fugitive Recovery Team run by a shadowy government entity. Can her luck hold out, or will her powers lead her into deeper trouble?

Dawn Rising

by Lisa M. Green


Once upon a time, a girl was born. A hundred years later, she grew up. Aurianna must rewrite the past in order to save the future. When a mysterious stranger sweeps her back in time, she discovers there is more to her life than she ever imagined. Aurianna must race against time to uncover the truth about a catastrophe that will leave the world broken, divided, and at war.


by Julia Kent


After getting caught in an embarrassing scandal, Hastings heads home to New England to recover. Billionaire Ian wants to help her get back on her feet — but can Hastings trust the man who was once her fiercest rival? Hastings “Hasty” Monahan gets her turn at a happily ever after that starts off with an arrest. Hers. And ends with a surprisingly cheesy happily ever after.

The Beautiful-Ugly

by James Snyder


When sixteen-year-old Connelly Pierce wakes up inside an unknown psychiatric hospital with both her wrists slashed, she begins the arduous task of piecing together the events of her life that led her there. Her own cognitive behavioral therapy (as she had learned so well from them). Beginning with the sudden death of her mother and father when she was six, and the only world she knew disappeared, literally, overnight. That’s when, with no known or, at least, close relatives, she and her nine-year-old brother Eric find themselves cast into the nightmare quagmire of government child protection agencies, and Connelly begins her incredible fourteen-year journey—her dark odyssey—into her own brave new world. A world, she realizes, she must not only quickly adapt, but fight back as well, if she hopes to survive.

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