Pack your bags—the Sissies are going on vacation! And big sissy can’t wait to show little sissy all the fun things to do, from swimming and building sandcastles to hiking and dancing. Join the Sissies as they visit the sea, the mountains, and Mexico. An enchanting series celebrating the special bonds of sisterhood.

The Joyous Adventures of Whizzojack

by Jack Zarb Adami & David Bush


This book chronicles the adventures of an eight year old boy who admires the comic strip superheroes. He fancies himself a superhero. He calls himself Whizzojack and goes into action after donning a whizzojack costume which gives him “special” powers. He uses these powers to help others. Does he make matters worse? Whizzojack interacts delightfully with thirty eight colourful villains. The results of these relationships are comic, poignant and unpredictable. They have unexpected effects on the wellbeing of the fictional city, Jacktown.Spiderman juggles with Aesop in this 21st century Parable of the Talents.

The Day Everything Changed

by Dinah Arnold

The Day Everything Changed, is an inspiring children’s story about a loving family and their effort to overcome the unexpected challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gabby and Gabe are two vivacious siblings who believe nothing is better than being able to play outside and enjoy life.The siblings are saddened by the social upheaval of Covid-19 and are unable to initially play in the park with their friends.

See how Gabby and Gabe’s parents help the siblings cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. Discover The Power of Storytelling to help Ease Children’s Anxiety About Covid-19 and Life Issues.

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