Aegis Rising

by S.S. Segran

Five friends must rise to meet the call of fate in the first installment of this Amazon bestselling series. Movie rights optioned.

Best friends Jag, Tegan, Aari, Mariah and Kody are cast into an adventure like no other when their small plane crashes in the remote forests of northern Canada. Rescued by the descendants of an ancient civilization who have lived in secret for over two millennia, they realize it may have been more than a mere accident that brought them to the hidden valley.

The teenagers, grateful for the hospitality but eager to return home, are stopped cold when their saviors share a terrifying proclamation: a darkness is descending on humanity’s horizon, and the five of them have been chosen to confront the gathering force bent on remaking the world in its image.

As they come to terms with their new roles and learn to unlock powerful abilities, their first trials loom before them sooner than expected. But they must be careful—adversaries are watching from the shadows, and will do anything to make sure the friends burn before they can take flight as the Chosen Ones.

Artful Evil

by C.G. Harris

Gabe thought he knew his partner, but when she takes on a freelance project to murder a few thousand people, he’s not so sure. A Judas Agent is supposed to wreak havoc among the living but that’s not what Gabe signed on for. Judas Iscariot recruited him to stop this sort of thing from happening, so why was his boss on board with Alex’s plan? Then when a demonic band of clowns blows into town to make Gabe the target of their deadly high jinks, afterlife in The Nine becomes even more arduous than usual. Sure, it’s Hell, but there had to be a limit. Too bad limits were meant to be broken. If Gabe can’t find a way to derail his partner’s plans and stop the satanic circus, the word overkill could take on a whole new meaning.

Ahab’s Daughter

by Ron Vitale

Morgan, Captain Ahab’s daughter, searches for her twin brother and goes on a quest to the island of nightmares. Set in the 1850s, reviewers have described the Werewhale Saga as filled with “plenty of action, twists and turns and well-developed characters. It’s thrilling and original.”

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