House of Shadows: Secrets Never Die

by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Would you be SHOCKED to discover, the prosperous family plantation of your memory was now a GHOST of its past grandeur?? Would your heart sink??? What would YOU do???

Louisiana 1902. Mariah Kingsford FLEES her Opera stardom in New Orleans to break-free from a loathsome pursuer. Arriving back at her North Carolina plantation, she is astonished by its state of disaster, while even more alarming are the disturbing secrets, it now harbors. Mysterious, nightly occurrences with ghostly horse riders spiral out of control – and far beyond Mariah’s understanding. Newfound friends Colonel Jeb Craven the town judge, and his lawyer son Hart step in to help unravel the tangled web of deception built by Mariah’s crooked evil grandfather. Contraband discovered filling the plantation cellar and a secret tunnel with its alarming content furies her heart with a warning. Prayer and ethereal visitation from God are given to strengthen her courage of persistence for revelation.

Romance ignites and blossoms between Mariah and Hart, but what future can lay ahead of these two if they fail to STOP the criminals before disaster strikes?

The Mystery Healer of Smoky Mountain

by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Who is the MYSTERY Healer CONCEALED in the Great Smokey Mountains of East TENNESSEE?
WHY must he need to keep his IDENTITY a SECRET?
Marni Granger is a young woman who lives at the base of the mountain. As a child, falling against a hot cooking pot, she burns the side of her face. Teased at school and later stared at as an adult, has been the cause of Marni wanting to live in isolation with her grandfather. Her one friend is a half wolf dog, rescued by her as a pup.
Marni would like a life similar to other young women, yet she feels this will be denied her due to her facial deformity.
Heading off to the base of the mountains to pick berries, she wanders up and becomes lost in the dark. When her pet disappears, Marni is terrified and cries out to the Lord for help. A mysterious woman in white calls her name then leads her to a large cabin on the plateau.
Here she will meet a handsome man and a hidden surgeon who performs reconstruction operations, unallowed in 1885.
Together they unite under Gods blessings to bring comfort and hope to others.

Unlikely Witnesses

by Leslea Wahl

When four friends vacation together in the Colorado Rockies, they expect a week of hiking, biking, and rafting – not being interrogated by the FBI. This fun adventure explores the idea of being a witness to Christ in your daily life.
A grandma’s secret changes everything.
Set in the mountains of West Virginia, Song of the Lilies is a poignant tale of new love against the backdrop of a dying coal town. There, Haven and Seth find each other but then must face a devious plot that threatens their future together and even their lives.
Song of the Lilies is an inspirational novel with romance, mystery, suspense, humor, surprising twists, and a message of hope.
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