So I was pretty sure my dead ex-boyfriend’s brother hated me…until he asked me to marry him. And pretend his brother’s baby—which I’m carrying, BTW—is really his.

Go is new, different, and a fresh take on an Alpha Male — 5 Star Review

Delicate Ink

by Carrie Ann Ryan

A growly tattoo artist finds his match and secrets from his past with the new girl next door.

Winter Wedding

by Simone Leigh


Kirstie and Ryan

They love each other…
They’ve waited for this.
They’ve worked for this
It’s their day…
What could go wrong?

A Steamy Winter Wedding Tale Of Romance And Friendship With A Feel-Good HEA

Sins of a King

by Emma Slate


As payment for her brother’s debt, Barrett is given to sinister billionaire Flynn. She should hate the notorious playboy — but she’s powerless against his seduction. Soon, she’s lured deeper into his dangerous, dark world of sin and secrets… First in a series.

Texas Twosome

by Debbie White

When Rebecca’s next assignment is covering a missing person’s story, she jumps at the chance. This big city girl has never been to Texas before. The longer she is there covering the story, the more she is intrigued by the small town and the kindness of the people who live there. When the only sheriff in town becomes her personal guide, she can’t help but feel a draw toward him. His charm and good looks make her heart go pitter-pat. Can she give up the nightlife of New York city for this dusty little town?

Maybe Later

by Claudia Burgoa

Billionaire Jackson Spearman is impatient, demanding, and private.

He’s practically a recluse.

When his assistant goes on maternity leave, Amy Walker virtual assistant extraordinaire arrives to save the day.

Or does she?

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