High Spirits

by J. T. Croft

High Spirits is an enchanting and fantastical collection of 10 short ghostly and magical stories, each one bringing to life unique and universal themes of fellowship, love, and hope. Embarking on a journey through stories both haunting and uplifting, these melancholy and hopeful tales will touch your heart and speak to your deepest human desires to connect and empathise.

Imbued with imagination, told with poignant prose, and dashed with wit and charming humour, High Spirits is a speculative fiction collection that deals with the living and dead, the bizarre and supernatural, all the while intertwining rich themes and a bittersweet feel which craft a unique and engaging reading experience. This short story collection is perfect for both lovers of classic ghost stories and bold paranormal fantasy, an ideal match for fans of Neil Gaiman, M. R. James, and Roald Dahl.

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