Keep Your Friends Close

by Elsie Vandevere

When Maggie moves to yet another new town with her PI single mom, she begins to follow in her mother’s footsteps a bit, eager to uncover what happened to the dead girl- a popular girl who was tragically killed in a hit and run just before Maggie showed up. As she grows closer to everyone who knew the girl in this tiny town, including her boyfriend, she starts to wonder if one of them knows more about what happened than they are saying. Unfortunately, one little lie makes someone very suspicious of Maggie, and what they uncover about her while digging maybe even more shocking than the truth Maggie was after.

Under a sky gone black as sackcloth, poets wailed soliloquies while the Emerald City burned…

In post-grunge era Seattle, the rain-swept streets ran red with the blood of the innocent and vigilante justice was served by a troubled comic book prodigy turned self-proclaimed superhero.

Determined to take vengeance and exterminate the beasts of his own creation, the misunderstood artist joins forces with a psychotic femme fatale from his troubled past. Together, the star-crossed lovers must evade a police task force and complete their murderous mission while coming of age in a rapidly-changing world.

“Crazy” is a funny word. It explains so much so easily…

Juvenile X – Rise of the Serial Savior spins a supernatural mystery that takes the reader on a journey to a dystopian realm where monsters are real.

Or not…

Genre-bending, in the vein of Dean Koontz, Joe Hill, and Neil Gaiman, Juvenile X is a crime thriller for pulp noir fans of all ages.

Crazy is a funny word. It explains so much so easily…

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