Hoping, Healing, & Whole-ish

by Mariah Miller


If you are helpless to heal those you love most, tired of hoping for restoration, or so far from whole you’ve adopted a different identity, this book will be a little glue for your broken pieces. Learn from broken people in scripture who are being beautifully restored. Reflect on your own broken pieces with thoughtful questions and prompts. Pray through that broken place you’re afraid will never heal. And let God will lovingly put you back together and work miracles you could never have imagined.

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Do You Want to Easily Manifest Whatever You Want? Learn the Systems and Techniques You Need to Transform Your Goals and Dreams into Reality. In my experience, I have found that supernatural success comes from taking fast action. You can’t just know what to do, but how to do it. In this book I’m giving you what you need to do to manifest supernaturally, Why you can trust the process and allow it to work for you and How to take fast action and get results. Let’s manifest the Supernatural Success Life you’ve been dreaming of!

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