Which books are chosen to appear on the daily newsletter? The first 5 books that fit the qualification criteria for each genre each day make the newsletter. In other words, it’s a case of first come, first served.

What are the criteria for qualifying for the newsletter? To qualify for the newsletter, the book must have at least 10 reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads or a combination of platforms. The average rating must be 4.0 or higher.

Do you guarantee purchases or downloads? No. While we do our best to present your book to our readers, we have no control over their decisions and many factors come into play. Results can vary widely. We don’t promise results or minimums.

We do not do flash-in-the-pan promos. While we generally get the best results on the day of the promotion (which will vary), there can be more that could trickle in over the next few days or a week or perhaps longer for longer promotions. Remember, we are not Bookbub.

What are your general NL statistics? At this moment we have around 600 NL subscribers and counting. We recently purged our list to drop unengaged subscribers, and we do this periodically. We average around a 20-40% open rate (genres vary and vary in size, and we are definitely working to improve the percentage). CTRs also vary. We also grow our list slowly and organically, and people come and go. We also combine social media posting to help get the word out with blurbs and appropriate hashtags. Please note we are a small site but growing, so please don’t compare us to Bookbub.

My book is newly released and doesn’t have 10 reviews yet. We understand newly released books! We want to read other’s opinions of your book before featuring it, however. Only contact us after you have achieved 10 reviews.

My books is priced at $9.99. Why won’t you include it on the newsletter? We want to suggest solid books, that are a deal to our readers. Consider lowering the price of your book during the time it is promoted.

Why do you post my book’s information on your site as well as send it out on your newsletter? We feel that everyone should have access to information on quality new books. Although we would like our readers to sign up to our newsletter, we don’t feel that they they should be forced to add another email to their inbox to find out about their next read.

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