Death on the Line

by Carol Amorosi


1763… a contentious border…
After eighty years of border skirmishes, Mason & Dixon are sent by the king to define the controversial boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland. What if they hired an apprentice on their ground-breaking expedition?

Angus MacKay, a young Scotsman, attempts to start fresh in the new world. On his quest, Angus discovers life in the unknown wilderness populated by different cultures.
His hopes of proving himself shatter when he trips over a dead body and faces a sheriff who wants to arrest him for the murder. Will Angus make sense of the random events? Will he find the truth and, along the way, learn acceptance?

Death on the Line is a murder mystery with an amateur sleuth, Angus MacKay, thrown into the midst of historical events and people living in the 18th-century. Interesting characters abound, each with their own agenda, including a rifle-toting minister convinced the natives are behind it.

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