House of Shadows: Secrets Never Die

by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Would you be SHOCKED to discover, the prosperous family plantation of your memory was now a GHOST of its past grandeur?? Would your heart sink??? What would YOU do???

Louisiana 1902. Mariah Kingsford FLEES her Opera stardom in New Orleans to break-free from a loathsome pursuer. Arriving back at her North Carolina plantation, she is astonished by its state of disaster, while even more alarming are the disturbing secrets, it now harbors. Mysterious, nightly occurrences with ghostly horse riders spiral out of control – and far beyond Mariah’s understanding. Newfound friends Colonel Jeb Craven the town judge, and his lawyer son Hart step in to help unravel the tangled web of deception built by Mariah’s crooked evil grandfather. Contraband discovered filling the plantation cellar and a secret tunnel with its alarming content furies her heart with a warning. Prayer and ethereal visitation from God are given to strengthen her courage of persistence for revelation.

Romance ignites and blossoms between Mariah and Hart, but what future can lay ahead of these two if they fail to STOP the criminals before disaster strikes?

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