by Prophetess Deborah Allen

Fierce is a powerful spirit-filled book that God breathed upon and filled it with a fresh wind. Fierce is an inspired book with God’s yoke destroying anointing was loosed as this book was being penned. Fierce prepares, instructs, and pushes the believer to put on the whole armor of God that we may be able to stand. Stand in the Lord and be fierce. As a Christian, the battle gets fierce when fighting in this life. Moreover, the battle is heated while going through the trials of life. Fierce is what God’s people must be. God inspires and require us to be strong.
Fierceness is very much needed in the body of Christ. Despite all we go through we must learn to be, and remain, strong. We must not allow ourselves to become defeated. Know that in every situation we go through that we are conquerors and warriors. Yes, we are fierce.

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