Enemy Immortal

by Jim Meeks-Johnson

An alien colony vanishes without a trace.
Lt. Jade Mahelona is the redshirt on the team of aliens sent to investigate. Her only human companion is a celebrated professor of xenology with a murky past.
Jade gets ambushed halfway there by Umlac, a sadistic ten-ton cyborg, who wants to control the amazing technology that made the colony on Belle Verte disappear.
Jade battles for survival against Umlac, discovering that Belle Verte has a long history of interstellar colonization.
An ancient race with an agenda of its own awakens, and Earth’s only hope is that Jade can turn her oddball group of aliens into an effective fighting team before an evil power spreads across the galaxy.
If you love heart-pounding alien encounters, speculative science, and thrilling space battles, you’ll want to read this space opera adventure thriller.

Molly Unplanned

by Nicki Elson

Molly had a plan. But when her almost-fiance opts for a surprise Plan B, she’s left with no boyfriend, no money, and nowhere to live. Accepting an offer for freebie rent on a sleepy Wisconsin farm feels like a giant step back from all her ambitions…until a captivating cowboy turns out to be more than just a fun distraction, spinning Molly’s life in a direction utterly (udderly?) unplanned.

Escape to Budapest and solve a murder – no passport required! Tour guide Lana Hansen must sleuth out who killed her guest before she ends up floating in the Danube. Introducing the NEW Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery series – heartwarming stories about making friends, traveling, and celebrating new experiences. Join Lana as she leads tourists and readers to fascinating cities around the globe on intriguing adventures that often turn deadly.

Honeymoon for One

by Lily Zante

When her fiancé dumps her, Ava cancels her wedding — but decides to go on her Italian honeymoon solo. Will her adventure give her the clarity she’s looking for or lead to more heartbreak?

High Spirits

by J. T. Croft

High Spirits is an enchanting and fantastical collection of ten short stories, each one bringing to life unique and universal themes of fellowship, love, and hope. Embarking on a journey through stories both haunting and uplifting, these melancholy and hopeful tales will touch your heart and speak to your deepest human desires to connect and empathise. Imbued with imagination, told with poignant prose, and dashed with wit and charming humour, High Spirits is a speculative fiction collection that deals with the living and dead, the bizarre and supernatural, all the while intertwining rich themes and a bittersweet feel which craft a unique and engaging reading experience. This short story collection is perfect for both lovers of classic ghost stories and bold paranormal fantasy, an ideal match for fans of Neil Gaiman, M. R. James, and Roald Dahl.

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Storybook, Inc.

by Parker Pace

Mica’s entry into the Program—a secret branch of Storybook, Inc., whose motto, The Program will change your life or your money back, unnerves Mica—sets into motion a bizarre series of events that finds Mica and her traveling companion, Roman, on the run for their lives, desperate to find out if the Program is all that it seems or a theatrical con game… or worse. But is Roman really watching out for Mica or is he tied to the criminals tracking her every step?

The Foundation Game

by Brenda Kempster

The Foundation Game. A global web of political and financial deceptive activities concealed under the auspices of a nonprofit, or “third sector” foundation, highlighting the conflicts between the public good and personal quest for wealth and power.

The first book Beginning introduces the characters Margo Maxwell and her nemesis Jonathan Ross in a fast-moving thriller about criminal and unethical behavior involving Silicon Valley players, Interpol, FBI and a US Senator.

Secret Legacy

by Carissa Andrews

☆☆~~ 50% of Royalties Donated to the American Cancer Society! ~~☆☆

Nestled in the woods of Windhaven, Blackwood Manor waits to unleash a dark and deadly legacy…

When Autumn Blackwood shows up at Windhaven Academy for the Witching Stick Orientation, she hopes to find out what dormant powers she could possibly possess to have been accepted to the elite supernatural school. Instead, the academy is in chaos as everyone frantically hunts for two missing girls.

But as school begins with Autumn no closer to figuring out her powers, strange occurrences start to follow her everywhere. Even at home, Blackwood Manor keeps many secrets, and Autumn can’t escape its haunting past.

New friends urge her to learn more about her family’s history in order to unlock her powers and make sense of what’s happening at Blackwood Manor, but Autumn’s not so sure. Once an accident brings Autumn face-to-face with death, however, she realizes her gifts are tied to a legacy that can either save or doom them all.

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The Prison Stone

by J.R. Mabry

Through the power of the Prison Stone, the summoners succeeded in banishing the Dark Lord from the Universe. Lost for a thousand years, the Stone has once more been found…

The life of a gentle haffolk is thrown into chaos when he is chosen to carry the Stone from one dwarf world to another. But when the Stone is stolen, his every hope is dashed…

An angry prince, humiliated by this father the King, raises his hammer over the Stone, intent on releasing the ultimate power—a power that will prove his father wrong, a power that will raise him to the place of honor he deserves, a power that will mean the doom of every living thing…

The Prison Stone is the first book in the Red Horn Saga, an epic fantasy that skillfully blends high fantasy, steampunk, Cthulu, and space opera. The magic is unpredictable, the spaceships run on coal, and no power known to dwarf, elf, or man can stop the carnage. Only a hero small enough can save us now.

The Kingdom

by J.R. Mabry

An unhinged tycoon. A lodge of evil magicians. A plan to steal every child from the face of the earth.

Fr. Richard Kinney is having a crappy week. He’s not at all sure he’s the best leader for the demon-hunting Berkeley Blackfriars, his boyfriend has just broken up with him, and his last exorcism did not go well.

Kat Webber is in over her head. After discovering her brother’s comatose body in the midst of a demonic ritual, her heart sinks as she realizes he was up to something sketchy, maybe even evil.

Reaching out to the Blackfriars for help, Kat and Richard uncover a lodge of evil magickians who make every avocado in the world disappear”then every dog.

It’s a race against time as Kat and the Blackfriars try to stop the magickians from eliminating their next target-every child on earth.

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Preacher, The Dresden Files, and the Mercy Thompson series will love this spine-tingling yet humorous supernatural suspense novel.

Pure, innocent Bree Hayden has been away for three years, but she still burns for Tanner, the next door neighbor back home. No one else has ever been good enough. Tanner Green sent her away once, for her own protection. He won’t let her get away again, but can he protect her from her own family? From the moment they see each other again, it’s impossible to deny the chemistry raging between them. But with family like Bree’s, she doesn’t trust easily. He controls her body, her pleasure. Does she dare let him have her heart, or will the secrets around her destroy them both? This seriously steamy novella features a sexy older Dominant, a sweet submissive, and a guaranteed happy ever after!

Ferdie and The Seven

by Larry Buenafe

Ferdie Shamley has a deep, dark secret. In fact, he has lots of them.

What is he hiding? How about this: angels and demons are real. He knows some of them. If he spoke of them, he would be thought of as crazy… and maybe he is. Here’s another secret: he is one of The Seven, a group of humans gifted with supernatural abilities. His tragic life has formed him, sharpened him, while still in middle school in Bakersfield, California. His power has plunged him into a supernatural shadow world, where an enemy of earth-shattering power awaits…

To have any hope of surviving he will need help, and it’s a good thing he has it in the form of best friend Marshall “Marsh-dog” Nolan, a pint-sized computer genius with a giant ‘fro.

Join Ferdie and friends on their harrowing journey as they try to stay alive long enough to defeat a supernatural enemy intent on death and destruction. If they fail, the world will fall, and the clock is ticking…

Fans of Harry Potter, The Vampire’s Apprentice, and the Demonata series will love Ferdie and the Seven!

Called by the Blessed

by Jali Henry

Would you risk an eternity in hell and losing your immortal soul to protect those you love?

Impoverished orphan Naledi struggles to raise her younger sisters in rural Lesotho, Africa. Her life already sucks but when she manifests the rare ability to open portals through time and space, her life gets a whole lot more complicated. Will learning to harness her powers piss off God and land her in hell?

Now a couple of archangels want Naledi to use her powers to spy on hell and stop a demon Armageddon. Spies who are caught on earth get tortured, so imagine how badly spies who are caught in actual hell get tortured.

If she fails, her sisters will die, demons will take over the world and she’ll get trapped in hell for eternity, so no pressure then…

Dark Savage

by Erin Trejo

As president of the Dark Savage MC, I knew
my role. I also knew that if I wanted to
remain in control I had to make
sacrifices. In my world being an FBI
informant was considered a rat. I wasn’t
a rat in my mind. I did what I had to do
to keep my club on top of the game.
Charlie Richmond wasn’t part of that plan.
The girl swooped into my life, my world like a
tornado ripping her way through
everything I’d worked so hard to build.
When her truth becomes mine, the world
around us threatens to crumble. I find
myself on the verge of killing myself to
save her.

My name is Marcus “Savage” Turner and
I’m ready to bring this world to its knees.

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Left devastated by the loss of her childhood sweetheart and husband, Hattie Hastings struggles to cope. But Gary isn’t about to take death lying down… Hattie can’t convince anyone that Gary is back. Not even best friend Cat—now free from the cruel and controlling Stewart—will believe her. Why has Gary returned? And what will Cat do when her slimy ex-husband tries to worm his way back into her affections? This warm and witty romcom will make you laugh, cry and count down until Part Two… (NB: cliffhanger ending).

What Branches Grow

by T.S. Beier

Thirty-five years after a post-apocalyptic war, Delia is driven from her hometown of Savannah. Gennero lives in a small town, tortured by his violent past. Ordered to apprehend Delia by his boss, Gennero follows her into the unpredictable wasteland. Joined by an old man and his dog, the tenuous allies seek a civilization that may no longer exist.

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Vestige of Legacy

by Sara Blackard

A woman bent on survival. A man haunted by his failures. Thrown together by a tumble through time. If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you’ll love Sara Blackard’s unique Christian time travel romance.

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Hate Me

by LP Lovell

I’m a businessman. A crime boss.

She’s collateral.

I have no interest in her beyond keeping her alive for the man who now owns her. And yet…I’m fascinated by the little Russian. There is no room for weakness in my world, but it appears the delicate rose has steel petals. I’m willing to bleed for a willing touch, a trusting glance…

A broken little bird. The big bad wolf. A love that could heal even the deepest scars.

For one hundred years, Noah’s people have toiled deep beneath the Earth preparing for the day when they will emerge to reclaim their land. But when Rebekah, the girl of his forbidden desire, discovers a secret long kept hidden by their leader, Noah suspects something is wrong. Together, they escape and begin the long climb to the surface. But nothing could prepare them for what awaits outside.

Hot SEAL, Taking The Plunge

by Teresa Reasor

Navy SEAL Eric ‘Viking’ Anderson has just come off a six-month deployment to find Rylie Stewart on his doorstep with news. He’s about to become a father. Abandoned by his own family at seven he’s all in for this new duty, but it’s the second surprise Rylie springs on him that throws him a curve. She’s Admiral Black Jack Stewart’s daughter. As a Seal he’s used to taking risks, but getting the admiral’s daughter pregnant just might prove to be career suicide.

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