Blind Seduction

by T. Hammond

An accident changed Teresa March’s life. Within a heartbeat, she lost her sight and her independence. Her scars are still healing when life takes a turn for the better and she receives Red, a companion German shepherd, from her friend Janey.

Red is a typical dog…well, except for the whole talking-in-Teresa’s-head thing. They develop a bond, forged with humor, love, and not just a little snarky sarcasm.

If a smart-alec dog isn’t enough to hold your attention, Sebastian and David came to town and both have set their sights on Teresa. Neither of the sexy ex-Navy men are above using military tactics to secure their target–and so begins the siege of Teresa March.

When you stop drooling over the two gorgeous men, consider the implications of a talking dog…the police department certainly has.

Laugh-out-loud, steamy romance with a paranormal twist.

The Christmas Baby Bundle

by Barbara Lohr

Having a baby doesn’t come easy, at least not for Amanda and Connor Kirkpatrick. Timed lovemaking and failed fertility treatments have drained the romance from their marriage. Can their family’s support this Christmas restore their hope? A sweet, heart-tugging romance that had readers saying, “I am so very happy I read this.”

The Lover’s Portrait: An Art Mystery

by Jennifer S. Alderson

A portrait holds the key to recovering a cache of looted artwork, secreted away during World War II, in this captivating historical art thriller set in the 1940s and present-day Amsterdam.

When a Dutch art dealer hides the stock from his gallery – rather than turn it over to his Nazi blackmailer – he pays with his life, leaving a treasure trove of modern masterpieces buried somewhere in Amsterdam, presumably lost forever. That is, until American art history student Zelda Richardson sticks her nose in…

Available as paperback, audiobook, and in Kindle Unlimited.

Once Upon a Christmas Wedding

by Scarlett Scott

Tis the season… for wedding bells!

But, the path of true love never did run smooth… as our brides and grooms soon discover.

Twenty-seven authors bring you scandalous adventure, sizzling passion, and heartwarming holiday romance.

The Untethered

by S.W. Southwick

A young inventor and his friends dream of a technological breakthrough that will change the world — but can they overcome society’s hostility to their plans? A thought-provoking novel that will appeal to fans of Atlas Shrugged.

The Gift Counselor

by Sheila M. Cronin

Do all gifts come with strings attached? Yes, believes Jonquil Bloom and she intends to prove it. Set in Southern California in the late 1990s, The Gift Counselor presents a psychologist who uses her skills in a department store to help people choose good gifts, her ten-year-old son who wants a dog she won’t let him have, and the man who enters and changes their lives one December. A timeless mix of romance, family drama, psychological and inspirational breakthroughs, this story will warm your heart all year round. Winner of Beverly Hills Book Award, shortlisted for the UK Wishing Shelf Book Award. Book club recommended.

A forbidden love. A treacherous marriage proposal. Anya’s icy world is about to explode…

Anya has loved Joshua for years. Unfortunately, as her Protector, he is the one man she is forbidden to marry.

Baron Joshua Van Heisman is honor bound to find a good match for Anya. When their mortal enemy Onred offers to marry her, promising an end to generations of war, Joshua must make the hardest decision of his life.

Should Anya accept her fate? Will true love triumph over the coming storm? Or will a madman drive their world to the brink of destruction?

“…a fast-paced story filled with action, suspense and incredible sexual tension…” – Merrylee, Two Lips Reviews

“Ice Baron is the first book in the Ice Chronicles, a series of imaginative science fiction romances set in a post-apocalyptic world. If you like smart, courageous heroines, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and sweet, sizzling romance, then you’ll love Jennette Green’s explosive futuristic series.”

Buy Ice Baron today to step into a thrilling love story!

The Champ

by Daniel Martin Eckhart

115 year old Wilber Patorkin is the oldest man alive in the USA – and he knows that he’ll be dead in three months. Join Wilber, a man like no other, on what will be a most unusual final journey into good and evil, life and death, friendship and love … and be prepared, you may discover yourself along the way!

Samantha was only fourteen and looking for what every fourteen-year-old looks for— freedom. She wanted to be as far away from her substance-riddled mother and abusive home as possible, but she never asked for anything like this. This is the story about Samantha and the cult called Freedom House.

A psychological horror thriller, this book will frustrate you, scare you, disturb you, and at times, it will make you want to be ill. Are you ready to learn what’s going on behind the doors of Freedom House?

The Lost Valley

by Jennifer Scoullar

A Tasmanian East Of Eden
The Lost Valley is a sweeping saga of ambition, betrayal and dangerous love.
Tasmania, 1929: Ten-year-old-twins, Tom and Harry Abbott, are orphaned by a tragedy that shocks Hobart society. They find sanctuary with their reclusive grandmother, growing up in the remote and rugged Binburra ranges – a place where kind-hearted Tom discovers a love of the wild, Harry nurses a growing resentment towards his brother and where the mountains hold secrets that will transform both their lives.
The chaos of World War II divides the brothers, and their passion for two very different women fuels a deadly rivalry. Can Tom and Harry survive to heal their rift? And what will happen when Binburra finally reveals its astonishing secrets?
From Tasmania’s highlands to the Battle of Britain, and all the way to the golden age of Hollywood, The Lost Valley is a lush family saga about two brothers whose fates are entwined with the land and the women they love.

Hill of Secrets

by Michal Hartstein

On a blooming May morning, the five bodies of a religious family are found in their apartment in the quiet suburb of Samuel’s Hill (Giv’at Shmuel).

Detective Hadas Levinger, the renegade atheist daughter of a religious family, is put in charge of the police investigation. Slowly and skillfully she peels away the shell protecting this unique community, and reveals hard and painful secrets.

Can she survive them?

Gwiddon Crow is a young, vicious Curse-Maker who haunts the Winterly Wood of Albain, free from all laws, unchained from the suffering of her past. Her master, Gwiddon Baba Yaga, calls upon Crow to cast a curse upon the tiny kingdom of Astrum, and destroy the great seal which protects it from Baba Yaga’s ally, Mordred the Draid. But the curse goes terribly wrong.
Now, Crow is trapped in Astrum, alone with its resentful, blind prince–and the unbroken Seal is slowly draining her life. She must find a way to free herself from her own spell…
But the only way to do that may lie with the prince whose kingdom she has destroyed.

Submarine Jim

by J. S. Lome

The Shark they Hunted had a Map inside . . .

Miles the Mutineer is trying to stay out of trouble and when a gang of convicts track a shark to his door, he can’t help shying away . . . until the shark proves to be hiding a map to the largest treasure in the South Seas. Taking a bag of sea-darts and a shark-whistle, Miles joins an old pirate buddy in the hunt for treasure through a network of shipwrecks, where the key to survival may be joining their enemies. But will joining the shark-hunters mean encountering greater dangers than cut-throat convicts? Will it mean fighting the giant sea beast that guards the treasure?

Sale price is not available to readers in all countries.

The Hit

by Michal Hartstein

A mysterious hitman opens fire on a Tel Aviv café and opens a Pandora’s box.

It is a warm and sunny day when gunfire destroys the peace of lunchtime diners at a trendy café in central Tel Aviv. The shots, fired by a mysterious biker, hit several people, and two of them die on the spot: Kobi Ozri, a former criminal and police informer, and a young woman, a local office worker. Kobi’s handler, Hadas Levinger, is immediately brought in to solve the double murder. As she mourns Kobi’s death and confronts a public storm about the powerlessness of the police in their battle against the underworld, Hadas sets out on a journey full of startling twists and turns, until she exposes the surprising truth – all the while facing shattering revelations in her personal life.

What’s An Elf To Do?
Darn that Nicky Stromboli! He’s the reason BJ has to get a job moonlighting as a winter elf. She swears that the glitter-tights that come with her costume were designed by the devil himself as a torture device. Lucky for BJ, she’s crowned the new Queen Wintergreen. Whoop! More money and no tights. But wearing a wedding dress infected with death-cooties might be more than she signed up for.

Shunned and cast aside by his faith and family, Jamie is left to do whatever it takes to survive.

He comes across a group of kids in the same predicament, braving the streets of Seattle due to circumstances beyond their control. Lost souls who’ve slipped through the cracks of the broken systems society forced them into. Yet they still offer what little they have to him, including their home.

As time moves on, darkness surrounds him and when one of their own fall’s victim to the streets, Jamie wonders if there’s anything left worth living for. When his savior appears out of nowhere, he finds it hard to believe its real because he knows he’s not worth loving.

This is Jamie’s story from the #1 Amazon Bestselling book, Greyson Fox.

Potential triggers:
Sexual and physical abuse by church and family members, cheating, drug usage, prostitution and thoughts of suicide. Flashbacks of the abuse are present throughout this book. These are the opinions of the characters and in no way

Death By Rum Balls

by Collee Mooney

Flying Solo, Brandy Is Still Determined To Make The Best Of The Holidays
This will be Brandy’s first Christmas without Dante, but she is determined to enjoy the holiday going to parties and even a “Yappy Hour” with Jiff and both of their schnauzers. Brandy stops to deliver mistletoe for Julia’s party that night when Frank, Julia’s handyman, drags her into the mayhem surrounding the guest list. It seems everyone Julia invited has a grudge against her, and they all confirmed they are coming to her party.

Love in Hiding

by Diane Holiday

With her life at stake, a ballerina hides at a horse ranch. The so-called horse whisperer is sullen, sexy, and suspicious…of her. Bruce guards his heart as closely as Sarah guards her secrets, but both need the other—Sarah needs Bruce to help her stay alive and Bruce needs Sarah to help him learn to live again.

Let Me In

by Jordan Bates


It was something I thrived on once. Something that I longed to have in my life every day, and when I found it at a young age, I clung to it. I snatched up the boy as fast as I could, intending to make him mine forever.


I never expected my marriage to turn out the way it did. I never expected for my husband to let me go. For that love that I had invested in to come crumbling down around me. Something that once gave me such great joy.


After the pieces of myself broke, I was surprised to find a man who was willing to pick them up, to catch me as I fell. What he wanted from me though, I didn’t know if I could give him. All he wanted was for me to let him in.

Sale price is not available to readers in all countries.

Stormfall is a dragon born with a coat the colour of a starry night. When a violent storm strikes his island aerie, he is carried on hurricane winds into the complicated and sometimes cruel world of men. There, his journey takes him from fisher dragon to farmer, pit-fighting dragon to warrior, each step leading him closer to a remarkable destiny. But war is coming to the land of Remus and with it, a crossroads for the Night Dragon and the young soul-boy he allows on his back. How far is Stormfall willing to go in a war that is not his own?
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